EcoAnalytics provides rich, comprehensive opinion research data to inform public debate and strengthen the work of organizations devoted to environmental protection. Since 2016, we have conducted nine major national surveys with representative samples of 1,000 to 3,000 respondents across Canada, including strong regional sub-samples and demographic segmentation. 

Each year, Members and Subscribers gain access to the results and analysis from two or more waves of research done with a variety of tools. These have included:

  • The Climate of Change survey (40 questions put to a sample of over 1,000 Canadians each fall) focuses on pressing climate and energy issues, including fossil fuels, pipelines, and nature-based climate solutions.
    This figure shows strong evidence of broad support for NbS in Canada. And, despite some important differences across demographic categories, it also shows a majority in each sub-group strongly supports protecting and restoring nature as a means of addressing climate change. Source: Climate of Change Survey, 2020
  • The Panoramic Survey (over 50 questions put to a sample of 3,000 Canadians and fielded in the spring of 2017 and 2018) trained a powerful beam on Canadians' opinions and knowledge about a broad range of topical issues: transitioning to renewable energy, conservation, parks and endangered species, toxics, environmental regulations, oil pipelines, etc.  
  • The COVID-19 research used mixed methods to explore shifting public attitudes about environmental protection, climate change and types of government economic stimulus during the pandemic. Using omnibus surveys and focus groups, we tracked the beliefs of six groups (across generations, genders, and regions) over several months.
    This graph shows respondents' views on the government's responsibility to lead a just transition and not leave workers behind. Source: COVID-19 Omnibus survey, 2021.
  • Values and behaviour: In 2019, with a highly ranked grant from the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada, EcoAnalytics conducted two national surveys looking at the environmental values and behaviour of Canadians: one looking at nearly 3,000 supporters of environmental groups and the other at a similar sample of the general population. The resulting research, shared in four major reports, revealed surprising details about how Canadians become highly engaged in environmental protection, powerful data for environmental groups seeking to reach new audiences.

The development of these tools and analysis of results is led by top researchers from Canadian universities and leading market research firms: Research Partners Dr. Erick Lachapelle, Associate Professor of Political Science at the Université de Montréal, and Dr. Louise Comeau (University of New Brunswick and Iris Communications), Environics Research VP Sarah Roberton, and others.

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