EcoAnalytics provides its Members and Subscribers with trenchant opinion research data to inform public debate and strengthen their advocacy and engagement for environmental protection. 

Since 2016, we have conducted 12 major national surveys and three rounds of focus groups, French and English. Our mixed mode qualitative and quantitative research, including surveys with representative samples of 1,000 to 3,000 across Canada and strong regional sub-samples, are powerful enough to draw conclusions about the state of public opinion and offer practical communications guidance on how to connect with receptive segments of society.

Members and Subscribers gain access to the results and analysis from at least three rounds of research each year. Since 2019, we have tailored our annual research to address the major questions facing its Members and Subscribers; so the mix varies from year to year. In 2021-2022, for example, EcoAnalytics produced valuable data from four rounds of research:

Climate of Change Survey, Université de Montréal

This fall survey of 20-40 questions put to a sample of over 1,000 Canadians conducted by Erick Lachapelle, an Associate Professor of Political Science, has tracked opinions about climate change and energy issues such as carbon pricing, as part of a data-set going back over a decade. As well as tracking, it has allowed for other questions about related issues: e.g. attitudes about different types of fossil fuels, pipelines, and nature-based climate solutions.

Climate Solutions and Bundling of Policies, Environics Research

As described in the accompanying article, this mixed-mode study done on behalf of EcoAnalytics, included a qualitative customer journey (June 2021) and a national survey (Nov 2021).

This national study was sufficiently powerful to reveal important new information about how Canadians understand, view and talk about climate solutions and potential policies. The below bar graph illustrates data from the survey on perceptions about the effectiveness of different proposed climate solutions.

Values and Behaviour Analysis, (December 2021),  Université de Montréal

This study revisited the participants in a major EcoAnalytic’s Values and Behaviors study first conducted in 2019–all supporters of environmental organizations–to learn more about how the COVID pandemic and other experiences may have altered their views and behaviour. 

National Environmental Omnibus Survey, (April 2022), Environics

This survey focused on understanding sentiments around urgency, readiness, cost of living and fairness to better frame messaging that recognizes Canadian’s current perceptions and priorities. The graphic below illustrates cross party support for Canada to prepare its economy for a global transition away from fossil fuels. 

The development of these tools and analysis of results is led by top researchers from Canadian universities and leading market research firms: Research Partners Dr. Erick Lachapelle, Associate Professor of Political Science at the Université de Montréal, Dr. Louise Comeau (University of New Brunswick and Iris Communications), and, more recently, Environics Research VP Sarah Roberton.

We also enjoy the broad expertise of an advisory committee including researchers from across Canada. This includes David Tindall, UBC Professor of Sociology; Lori Thorlakson, University of Alberta Professor of Political Science; Melanee Thomas, University of Calgary Political Scientist, and Mark Purdon, Université de Québec à Montréal Assistant Professor of Management Science.

Knowledge Translation

Members and Subscribers also benefit from EcoAnalytic’s tools and guidance for applying its research. This knowledge translation begins with a consultative process that ensures Members and Subscribers have opportunities to inform the scope and content of each wave of research. Once the results are in, we support our Member organizations with specific communications tips and discussions to help them refine their communications for best effect. 

Tools we use include those described below.

  • EcoA Tips newsletter: This bimonthly publication synthesizes the latest EcoAnalytics research and other data to provide brief, practical communications guidance.  
  • EcoA Research Nutshells: These two-page summaries of findings by EcoAnalytics and other sources on relevant topics – speaking to Canadian youth about climate change, for example – with links to source material provide valuable guidance for speaking to key audiences and other issues.
  • Webinars, reports and access to researchers: Members and Subscribers have access to all EcoA reports, briefings and webinars (with just a few exceptions), providing opportunities to dig deep into the research and discuss it with the people who produce the data and analysis.
  • Opinionation webinars: These regular webinars bring in external researchers to present recent work of relevance to Members and Subscribers.

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