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Sharpen your programs and marketing with the best opinion research data, tracking Canadian attitudes about the environment. Businesses and public agencies as well as non-profit organizations can draw on EcoAnalytics rich data at one of two affordable levels: as Subscribers or Partners.

For details, go to Products and privileges, please fill in the requested information below and we will tell you about our competitive rates, which vary for different organizations: non-profits, philanthropic foundations, public agencies and private firms.

EcoAnalytics fees give Subscribers and Partners access to the products of, and privileges related to all surveys conducted each year. For July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019, these are the Climate of Change Survey and two surveys that examine the gap between Canadians' pro-environmental values and behaviours: a Members' Survey (of supporters of Canadian environmental groups) and a General Population Survey (mirroring the previous survey among a general sample of Canadians).

Rates for Non-profit groups (annual budget less than $1million)
Subscribers: $400
Partners: $3, 500

Rates for Non-profit groups (annual budget more than $1million)
Subscribers: $700
Partners: $4, 500

Rates for Public agencies & Foundations
Subscribers: $3,000
Partners: $7, 500

Rates for Private firms
Subscribers: $3,000
Partners: $7, 500

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